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一、干燥的水丝美容贴膜基膜本身可以吸收结合、吸附、储存自身重量9- 40倍左右的水分(不含背衬材料所吸附和吸收的水分),所以在配制精华液时,需要注意以下两点:

SUICEL, the dry mask fabric can absorb and store moisture about 9-40 times of its own weight ( not including moisture absorbed by the protective material/ backing material ). Therefore, there are 2 important tips you need to pay attention while preparing essence for the sheet masks.

1、需要补充膜体吸水赋形所需水分: 干燥状态的水丝基膜加入水时,会结合、吸附、储存(水丝绵的海绵腔隙)水分而恢复水凝胶状态,常规尺寸的水丝膜基膜所制成的面膜干膜重约1克,约需10-15ml左右的水来用于吸水赋形;常规尺寸的水丝绵基膜所制成的面膜干膜重约1克,约需15-30ml左右的水来用于吸水赋形;

It takes abundant moisture for the dry mask fabric to restore its 3D structure and recreate its designed functions: The weight of one SUICEL “Super Absorbent Permeation Membrane” dry mask is 1 gm, thus it requires at least 10 to 15 ml of water to fulfill its film structure and form the shape. A regular size of SUICEL “Super Absorbent Cavernous Membrane“ dry mask also weights 1 gm and roughly about 15 to 30ml of water or more is required for shaping the mask.

2、需要修正精华液的浓度: 与其他无纺布面膜基膜相比,水丝基膜干膜会从精华液中结合、吸附、储存(水丝绵的海绵腔隙)水分来吸水赋形,会导致膜体外的精华液粘度及溶质的浓度增大。为了不影响精华液肤感,化妆品工程师可以适当增加精华液中水分比例,使精华液中的水分在被干燥水丝基膜因吸水赋形吸走部分后,其粘度和溶质浓度仍能维持正常状态,一般情况下,水丝膜的 精华液比普通无纺布面膜的精华液j建议多加10-15ml水,水丝绵的精华液比普通无纺布面膜的精华液建议多加15-30ml水。当增加的水分比例适中时,膜体会呈现饱满丰盈晶莹剔透的状态;当加入的水分比例偏少时,膜体会出现偏硬,贴服性不良,精华液肤感稠厚的情况;当加入的水分比例偏多时,膜体会出现偏软易碎、强度下降甚至不成形、贴服性不良、精华液肤感稀薄的情况,这是因为膜体为离子型材料,每张水丝膜面膜基膜约含0.02克氯化钾、每张水丝绵面膜基膜约含0.03克柠檬酸钾,如每张面膜精华液配方需要加入大量水时(40ml以上),则需要加入适量钾离子(柠檬酸钾或氯化钾)以保持精华液0.05-0.2%左右的钾离子浓度,但总体水分比例应控制在膜体自身重量的80倍以内。

To adjust proportion of water in product formulation: The dry mask must capture most of the water from the formula base to form the 3D reticular structure; the reduction of water base will lead to the change of percentage saving for other ingredients and increase serum viscosity. In order to maintain relative concentration of the other ingredients, texture and viscosity for the remaining serum, it is necessary to increase proportion of water in the serum. Therefore, SUICEL Super Absorbent Permeation Membrane dry mask in comparison to regular non-woven fabric face mask needs at least 10 to 15ml of water in the serum base, and on the other hand SUICEL Super Absorbent Cavernous Membrane dry mask needs 15-30ml of water or more to fulfill its 3D reticular structure. When the proportion of water in the serum is moderate, the mask will turn soft, moist, and transparent and remains a high intensity. When the proportion of water is too low in the formula, the mask will become too hard and dried and is difficult to adhere to the face skin. Meanwhile, the remaining serum can be too thick and very sticky. Contrarily when serum is too watery, the mask might become too fluffy and fragile to apply on. All of the situation above could attribute to the material base used for making SUICEL as it carries ions. For example a piece of SUICEL Super Absorbent Permeation Membrane dry mask contains 0.02 grams of potassium chloride and each SUICEL Absorbent Cavernous Membrane dry mask contains 0.03 grams of potassium citrate. Therefore, when any of the product needs abundant water as its formula base (more than 40 ml for example), a proper amount of potassium ion (potassium citrate or potassium chloride) will be a necessity adding in the essence to maintain concentration level of potassium ion at about 0.05-0.2%, and the overall water ratio to the mask weight should be limited within 80 times less.

3. 面膜基膜模型及折叠方式: 研究发现,当面膜模型的眼睛嘴巴位置有开口并且眼睛或者嘴巴朝外的折叠方式时,少部分膜体出现了椭圆形痕迹甚至破孔,其原因是膜体折叠后,裸露的基膜直接浸泡在精华液里,造成膜体局部离子浓度大幅下降而熔融破溃;解决方案:①脸型模具采用嘴巴处为缝隙的脸型;②将眼睛和嘴巴裸露部位折叠在内部;③若无法采用前两条解决方案或采用了仍有痕迹出现,可以在精华液中添加补充钾离子。水丝膜可以在精华液中补充0.05%-0.20%的氯化钾;水丝绵可以在精华液中补充0.10%-0.30%的柠檬酸钾。具体添加量建议根据所用的精华液的实际情况进行打样调试。

3.Mask base membrane model and folding type : Research finding,when the mask model has an opening in the eyes and mouth position and folds the eyes or mouth outward,Elliptic marks and even holes were found in a few membrane bodies.The reason is that after folding the membrane body ,the bare base membrane immersed into the essence directly.As a result,the local ion concentration of the membrane decreased greatly and the melting burst was broken. Solution: ①The face mold USES a face shape with a slit at the mouth. ② Fold the exposed parts of the eyes and mouth inside. ③ Potassium ion can be added to the essence,If the first two solutions can not be adopted or if they are adopted,there are still traces,Potassium ion can be added to the essence Super absorbent permeation membrane can supplement 0.05%-0.2% potassium chloride into the essence. Super absorbent cavernous membrane can supplement 0.1%-0.3% potassium citrate in the essence. It is suggested to make sample debugging according to the actual situation of the essence.

二、 当灌装精华液温度在60摄氏度及以上时,膜体有可能会溶解,所以在灌装精华液时需要控制精华液的温度,需控制温度在60摄氏度以下。

Temperature of the essence might cause breaking down of the mask structure. Thus, it is important to keep temperature of essence lower than 60 Celsius degree to avoid mask degradation when filling essence into the bags.

三、 膜体的存放条件: 常温、干燥、密封、防晒。

Storage condition for SUICEL: Dry and confined space at room temperature; away from direct sunlight.

四、 膜体质量符合国家《化妆品安全技术规范》标准,为确保质量,生产使用时需再次检测理化、卫生指标并做处理以确保品质。

The quality standard for manufacturing SUICEL is in line with the” Technical Specification for Cosmetics Safety (2015)”. In order to ensure high quality for the finished products, further physical and hygiene safety tests and inspections on the dry sheet masks need to be performed before mass production.